What are Participants Saying


Don’t just take our word for it, read for yourself what some Ottawa Water Garden Festival attendees have to say!

“Glad we were in town to finally take in the tour. Megan was with me and has a new appreciation for Ponds, Streams, Waterfalls and Mineral Spas! I can also tell you this… your clients talked highly of you. The winning Pond for us was the Gobel Residence in Alta Vista with the stream flowing into the Koi Pond. Again, even I was amazed at how Megan came around after just seeing her first Pond/Mineral Spa (at the Claude residence).”

Philip T.

“Thanks for letting me participate in your pond tour, really fun, met lots of really nice people and heard lots of raves. You are highly respected for your craft as you should be. I am sure you had a great crowd at your place, mostly everyone was anxious to get to see your pond. There were lots of people, so I think it was a success. Funny Story: One couple, the lady wants a stream like mine and her husband kept telling her, they couldn’t do one that long, she kept saying under her breath to me that she would figure out a way. Hope they work it out, funny!”

Myra W.